Matching gift DOUBLES the number of families who receive clean water and the kindness of Jesus!

One of the most simple, powerful, and effective ways you can save lives is by providing clean water. And you also open the door to share the eternal hope of Jesus!

God is using support from caring people like you to respond to the water crisis in Africa and other tough-to-reach places. A $315,000 matching gift is still in effect. There’s still time to have your gift doubled to help provide clean water!

Whatever you give today will be matched dollar for dollar to repair broken wells or drill new wells for communities without access to clean water.


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Typically it costs $34 to give one family safe, clean water through Global Aid Network® (GAiN®) when a well is repaired. But because the match doubles your gift today, every $34 you give will provide fresh, life-giving water to two families in need.

The timing of the matching gift couldn’t be more perfect. Our team recently returned from Zambia, a country emerging from a cholera outbreak, and we can share firsthand that the situation is beyond heartbreaking — it is dire.

Entire villages are forced to use contaminated water because they have no other choice. Illnesses such as cholera, dysentery, and hepatitis are common. That’s tragic because one of the greatest causes of childhood death is waterborne illnesses.

There is hope — and it begins with you.

The support of compassionate friends like you — doubled by the matching gift — is bringing safe, clean water to people living in some of the toughest places on earth. And in the process, as our local teams reach out with the truth of the hope of Jesus, hearts are turning to God.

With your help, we hope to complete 128 well projects this year. Fifty-one have already been finished, but there is still much work to be done. Together, we can relieve suffering, restore dignity, and reveal hope.

Read about families in the village of Koli who found hope after the installation of a clean water well.

Your gift doubles to give more families clean water.

Water Well Brings New Life in Chad

Until recently, children in a remote village of Chad faced a dreadful daily task: searching for water.

Finding the water took long hours and was often dangerous in the 105-degree heat. If water was discovered, it was almost certainly contaminated. Diarrhea, dysentery, cholera — these come with the territory in this part of the world where clean water is scarce. And children are especially vulnerable.

But families in the village of Koli had no other choice. They had to settle for whatever they could find, even if it meant drinking water polluted by disease.

Making matters worse, the villagers could only grow crops three months out of the year when brief rains blew through. So food eventually became almost as scarce as water, leaving them thirsty and hungry.

Thankfully, all of this is changing because of the support of caring friends like you. Through your generosity, Global Aid Network® (GAiN®) installed a new water well and a generator for fast, efficient pumping. Now children and families can access safe, clean water any time. And they can grow food year-round.

Through the work of our local partners, a new church started at the location of the well, and it is growing rapidly. Recently, after viewing a film about Jesus at the church, 125 people chose to follow Jesus!

Carrying water