Each $20 Provides Water for a Family

More than 8,000 families count on the generosity of friends like you for the most essential and fundamental requirement of life . . .


Many battle to survive a devastating drought that hit many parts of Africa. It’s life and death for them! Women and children suffer most. No child should risk wild animal attacks to fetch water from a filthy pond. No mom should walk for hours to haul water too dangerous to drink. You can help save their lives, restore dignity, and reveal the love of Christ by making a gift to help drill or repair a well.


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Each $20 is enough to provide clean water for a family of four through Global Aid Network® (GAiN®).

Your gift of $100 will allow water and hope to flow for five families.

What’s truly remarkable is how your giving will draw people to Jesus. God is revealing Himself miraculously, and churches are springing up through recent well projects. It’s amazing!

Because local GAiN staff members are trained to maintain these wells, your gift of any size will help share eternal hope with a whole community for years to come.

Read about Baru* the little boy who carries out a painstaking method of collecting water.

A Long Wait for Water

A devastating drought in the Horn of Africa and other areas has made water more precious than ever for millions of families. Even in Chad and nearby countries that received some rain, women and children spend long hours hauling heavy containers of water often unsafe to drink.

Little Baru is one example. He lives in Tanzania. To collect water for his family, this young child digs a deep hole. Then he sits patiently waiting for water to seep into the hole. When enough fills in, he uses the bowl to scoop the muddy water into a bucket. Then he waits again for more water to seep into the hole.

To get enough water this way takes hours upon painstaking hours. What a change it can make in a community that has a clean water well close to home!

*Name changed for security purposes.