$4 Million in Supplies Ready to Go!

“Zikomo! Zikomo!” Mubita exclaimed repeatedly. “Zikomo” means thank you. The 15-year-old boy couldn’t contain his excitement — or his gratitude. Through the support of people like you, team members from Global Aid Network® (GAiN®) delivered much-needed food to his village of Kamwaya, Zambia.

You can help ship and distribute over $4 million worth of critical supplies like food, clean water, and critical aid during the first quarter of 2019. These lifesaving goods are standing by, waiting to help children, families, refugees, orphans, widows, and famine victims — in some of the toughest places on earth.

Your gift is needed before March 31 to help assemble, ship, and deliver the supplies. And the best part is that every $1 you give will ship $10 worth of aid — and help share the eternal hope of Jesus.

For example, your generous gift of $50 would send $500 worth of supplies, such as nutritious food, water filters, medical supplies, wheelchairs, clothing, and other critical aid.

Because these goods are either donated or purchased at a deep discount, whatever you give today will deliver 10 times its value in help and hope!

Send a generous gift today to help relieve suffering, restore dignity, and reveal hope to people living in the toughest places on earth.

Read about Richard who’s dignity was restored when he received a wheelchair that was shipped to Zambia.


Disabled Man No Longer Confined to the Indoors

Richard hadn’t been outside in years. Born with malformed legs and arms, the now 43-year-old seemed destined to spend his days on a foam mat on the floor in a corner of his mother’s modest home.

Bessy, Richard’s mother, loves him dearly and cared for him the best she knew how. At the same time, her heart broke for her son. Whenever visitors stopped by, they’d simply ignore Richard, like he wasn’t there. And Bessy always felt guilty that he couldn’t see out the windows from his mat on the floor. If only she had a way to get Richard out into the fresh air and sunshine.

God heard Bessy’s prayers, and He worked through the generous support of people like you to answer them.

It began when our Zambia mobility clinic paid a visit to her home. Our physical therapists raised Richard off the floor and into a chair where they checked him for pressure sores and taught Bessy how to treat them. They also taught her exercises to help strengthen Richard’s muscles. One week later the team returned with supplies shipped by friends like you. They brought a new bed for Richard, and then they fitted him into a wheelchair and escorted him outside for the first time in years.

Overcome with gratitude Bessy cried tears of joy as she raised her hands in praise to the Lord. When you give toward shipping critical aid, you take part in showing God’s love and restoring dignity for people like Richard.