You can help ship
humanitarian supplies now!

We have wonderful news, just in time for the new year.

Global Aid Network® (GAiN®) has collected $7.8 million in critical supplies — most of it donated! From January to March, 10 shipping containers will be filled with items such as food, clothes, wheelchairs, and medical supplies to serve 265,000 suffering people.

These goods are already on hand, standing by to show the kindness of Jesus to children starving due to famine in Africa, to refugees in the Middle East, to orphans in Central Asia, and to people of all ages struggling to recover from the many disasters that unfolded this year.

If you give now, we can ship all 10 containers on time.

Your gift of $50 will assemble, ship, and deliver $500 worth of supplies such as food, water filters, medicine, and more. Your gift of any size will be multiplied 10 times to open doors for the hope of Jesus in the toughest places on earth.

Compassionate friends of GAiN like yourself have changed lives by sending supplies. With our network of staff members, churches, and partner organizations already in place, you can be confident your gift will deliver lifesaving aid swiftly and safely to people in need. You’ll not only show God’s love, but that love will spread to many people!

The next containers are scheduled to leave in January. Make your first gift of 2018 today to ensure lifesaving supplies keep flowing. Each $10 becomes $100 worth of aid, along with the message of eternal hope. Your gift of any size will change lives.

Learn how aid shipped to the famine zone created a “bridge of hope.”

Each $10 becomes $100 worth of aid, along with the message of eternal hope. Your gift of any size will change lives.

Aid Shipped to the Famine Zone Created a Bridge of Hope

In direct response to the recent famine crisis, new shipments of humanitarian assistance arrived in East Africa! Despite destroyed roads and the danger of ongoing civil war, you helped us reach families from Kenya, Zimbabwe, and South Sudan — including refugees who fled to neighboring Uganda.

Through our trusted network of staff members, churches, and other partners in the region, everything arrived on schedule to help feed and care for thousands of families. Praise God, and thank you for your help!

One staff member told us how recent shipments were received by stunned families:

“There are people who have never experienced such love before. Then we can say, ‘This love is through Christ. This is Him doing it for you. He’s just using us as vessels to reach you, but it is Christ coming to you.’ In this way, humanitarian assistance is just like a bridge, connecting us and opening the door to reach people.”

When containers of supplies arrive, churches, schools, medical clinics, and staff members on the ground use them to save lives. Through the giving of humanitarian assistance, relationships are built, and that creates opportunities to share the eternal hope of Jesus!

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