Just $40 Provides a Winter Hope Kit for Refugees

Millions of refugees are still suffering, still without homes, and without hope. And now they face winter. That’s why getting Winter Hope Kits into their hands is so critical.

Costing an average of $40 each, Winter Hope Kits contain things like:

  • Nutritious meals
  • Warm blankets and heaters
  • Tarps to protect from wet weather and fire risks
  • Water filters and hygiene items

These very basic supplies meet very basic needs. But the message they send to suffering people is profound. It’s the same message Global Aid Network® (GAiN®) has been sending for 25 years in 75 countries. They say loud and clear: God has not forsaken you. His people care.

Will you help send that message? Every gift you give for Winter Hope Kits will help save lives today and for eternity. It will open doors to share the hope of Jesus as Cru® partners and trained volunteers personally deliver these gifts, building relationships with family after family that may have been living without hope!

Please act quickly as winter — which has proven deadly in the past — is just around the corner. We already have teams in place, ready to reach people most at risk. What’s urgently needed now are funds for 4,000 Winter Hope Kits by December 31.

Every $40 you give provides a Winter Hope Kit to help refugees survive the winter and learn of the eternal hope of Jesus. You can show refugees that God’s people care, and they are not forgotten!

Read the incredible story of Ayisha* and why she chooses to stay in one of the toughest places on earth.

Refugee Widow Chooses to Stay and Serve

Ayisha is a brave and bold refugee who was once angry, scared, and depressed. Her husband died in the horrific Syrian warfare, and now she lives in an overcrowded camp in the middle of nowhere. Most would call it “godforsaken.”

But then something happened that radically transformed Ayisha’s life: She heard about and accepted the eternal hope of Jesus! When GAiN staff members met her, they described her as “bubbling over with joy” since that pivotal moment.

Ayisha isn’t blind to the hurt around her. She feels it deeply. She lives in it daily. Her “home” is a makeshift tent pieced together with highly flammable billboard material (not a safe option for heating in winter). But since Ayisha came to find eternal hope, her love overflows even in the midst of devastation.

Multiple times she has been offered what virtually every refugee dreams of: a way out. Asylum in Europe. But again and again, Ayisha has said “no.” She wants other refugees to know they are NOT “godforsaken!”

Ayisha and a group of refugee women friends are often the first to meet new arrivals — families who risk their lives to cross mountainous terrain in search of safety and shelter. Last winter dozens of refugees died of exposure attempting this treacherous journey.

One time in particular, Ayisha learned that more refugees were on the way. She prayed all night that she would have something to take to them so they wouldn’t be sleeping on the cold ground with nothing to protect them … something to show there is a loving God who knows about their physical and spiritual needs.

Caring friends like you helped answer those prayers. The morning after Ayisha’s long night of prayer, the weather was cold — miserable for newcomers with nothing but the clothes on their backs and no place to lay their heads. But then our field team showed up, their truck loaded to the brim with blankets and tarps donated by people like you. Ayisha took one look at those blankets and said, “The Lord has provided.”

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*Name is changed for security reasons.

Refugee Widow Chooses to Stay