You can provide food, aid,
and hope that changes lives.

The eruption of violence, war, and hatred in the Middle East and parts of Africa caused millions of people to flee their homes in fear of their lives.

The situation is heartbreaking, but rest assured, God IS in the middle of this awful crisis. We’ve never seen so many people responding to the kindness of Jesus in the Middle East and in Africa as well! God is giving us the opportunity to share Christ’s love and hope with these families through Refugee Hope Kits!

Each $40 you give will provide a Refugee Hope Kit with things like:

  • A 21-day supply of nutritious food
  • Blankets that may be used for someone’s bed or shelter
  • Warm clothing and shoes
  • Hygiene items and other humanitarian assistance
  • Ongoing care by local partners, where possible, to build life-changing relationships!

The world has turned away from the refugee crisis. Yet millions still are stranded across the Middle East and Africa, longing for home. Sadly, donations to help refugees have decreased — reducing our ability to respond.

These kits are needed by May 1 so we can respond to current refugee needs!

Each Refugee Hope Kit you give will provide critical food, aid, and the hope that can change their lives forever.

Refugee Hope Kits

Man Shows Kindness to Former Enemy

Mahib* and his children are strangers in a hostile land. They fled Syria and now live in a nearby country that previously suffered under Syrian occupation. Mahib sought work each day with little success. He had no way to buy food or pay for the tiny room where he and his family lived.

That’s when a GAiN staff member encountered Mahib and gave him a Refugee Hope Kit with blankets to keep his children warm at night, along with food for his family. Because Hope Kits open the door to building relationships, he followed up with more food one month later.

Mahib cried out with amazement, “Why are you doing this? I am a Syrian living among people who hate us.”

Our staff member began to share with Mahib and his family how he himself used to fight against the Syrians — but that he could forgive and love through the example of Christ.

After learning about and experiencing the kindness of Jesus firsthand, Mahib and his family came to know the eternal hope of Jesus!

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*Name is changed for security reasons.

Refugee Hope Kits