Each $40 Sends Humanitarian Relief and Eternal Hope

Your partnership is key to providing lifesaving water and the hope of Christ. And because a generous donor has offered a $60,000 match, your gift to rebuild wells today will be DOUBLED!


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You can save twice as many lives with clean water.
  Each $20 provides water and eternal hope for a family of four!

Did you know dirty and disease infested water is the number one cause of death around the world? Each year, diseases from contaminated water kill more children than AIDs, malaria and measles combined!

Global Aid Network (GAIN®) is rebuilding wells in developing countries around the world that have long been disabled and abandoned.

It only costs $20 to provide clean, safe water for a family for years to come. With your help, entire communities that were ravaged by disease can flourish again. You have the opportunity to make an immediate and eternal difference in the lives of these suffering families.

Please consider how you can help today.

Read how a well repair changed lives in Zimbabwe.

Well repairs change a village

Water Flows Again From a Repaired Well

Everywhere GAiN® rebuilds or drills a well, we do so either in partnership with the local church or as a tool to serve the community and share the eternal hope of Jesus. In Zimbabwe our ministry partners viewed a well repair as an opportunity to minister to the people in the Mudzi region.

While the wells in the Mudzi region were being rebuilt, several people from surrounding areas came to hear the local pastor speak. Our partners distributed school supplies to show the children the love of Jesus. And they showed a film about Jesus whenever possible.

A member of the local Zimbabwe Parliament visited to see the work being done, and he was blessed by what was happening. In fact, he was so impressed, his life changed forever through the power of the hope of Jesus!

Two village leaders envisioned the difference the well repair would have on their community:

Well repairs change a village

“In previous years, people would produce enough food to feed their families. They would sell some of the produce and buy other food stuff, educational materials, pay school fees, buy clothes and even livestock. This year our expectation was much more, but unfortunately the crop failed due to erratic rainfall. Thank you for coming to our rescue; you came at the right time.”

Mr. Geremu, local councilman

Well repairs change a village

“All my crops in the field have failed, and I have nothing to feed my family. My village also expects me to feed them during these hard times. Thank you for repairing this borehole; at least now we can start a community nutrition garden. This is real development.”

Mr. Banda, Kalumba Village head man

Just think, you can make an eternal impact on people’s lives right now by providing clean water through GAiN’s well-restoration initiative.