We accomplish our mission, in partnership with international Cru ministries, through food and agriculture, clean water, and critical aid. Our partners at Cru work in more than 190 countries in the world.

GAiN critical aid projects express humanitarian kindness, which helps our partners gain access, build credibility, and increase effectiveness in the places they work.



GAiN equips healthcare workers and facilities with items such as medicine and disposable medical supplies that typically are hard to acquire or are quickly depleted. GAiN also seeks to minister to the disabled through the provision of mobility aids.

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Women’s Health

GAiN addresses special needs of women by supplying them with items often overlooked or left undiscussed. LuoPads are GAiN’s answer to feminine hygiene for women and girls in areas of the world where they are often shunned at this sensitive time each month.

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Lack of school supplies in the developing world prohibits children from receiving an education that can stop the cycle of poverty. A GAiN education pack (CarePack) containing basic school supplies increases the chance a child attends school.

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Did You Know?

Each day, about 15,000 children under the age of 5 die from causes that are mostly preventable.

Between 110 and 190 million adults suffer a disability that impairs normal function. Disability occurs most often in developing countries.

Globally, 124 million children between the ages of 6 and 15 have dropped out of school or never attended school at all.

Lives Are Changed

A very personal need in Zimbabwe was recognized by GAiN advocate, Dana Cassel. She devised a plan for meeting this need for women in developing countries.

In many parts of the world, children cannot attend school if they have no school supplies. GAiN helps parents send their children to school by providing CarePacks of essential supplies.

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Compassionate Relief

GAiN cares for people with additional critical aid as needs arise. By providing for these needs, people see they are not alone and that their lives are important.


Exposure to severe weather—from a winter blizzard to a tropical typhoon—can be life threatening. Thankfully, the gift of a blanket can protect those who live in poverty or are suddenly exposed to the elements.

Clothes and Shoes

Many people GAiN serves remain trapped in lives of suffocating poverty. For them, the only clothes they have must be worn day in and day out, for weeks at a time. By giving a set of clothes, GAiN provides people both protection and a sense of dignity.

Temporary Shelter

After food and water, survival depends on protection from the hot sun, rain, or freezing temperatures. GAiN provides tarps as temporary emergency shelter for people who fled homes or whose homes were destroyed by disaster.

Mosquito Nets

Many parts of the world feel the constant threat of mosquito-borne illnesses such as malaria or dengue fever. Simply sleeping under a treated mosquito net reduces the chance of malaria infection by 50 percent.

Hygiene Items

Something as simple as soap, shampoo, or lotion can seem like a luxury to someone who cannot afford such items. GAiN gives personal hygiene items to people displaced from their homes, people who now rely on others for their basic needs.

Health for Families in Developing Countries

Medicine and Supplies

Medical facilities become strained in places that suddenly experience a surge in population due to displaced families and refugees who are victims of war and violence. The health and wellness of these victims suffers greatly as they live in less than ideal surroundings.

Similarly, hospitals and health clinics in areas recovering from disease outbreaks face shortages of basic medicines and supplies after treating a much greater number of patients than normal.

A common thread in war-torn and disease-stricken countries is poverty. GAiN provides much needed healthcare items to hospitals and clinics willing to work toward health and wellness for the poor.

Critical Aid: Health and Wellness
Critical Aid: Mobility


Cultures of developing countries stigmatize those with disabilities, often denying them basic rights to food, work, education, and health care. With no mobility aids and little assistance from others, the disabled often slip further into poverty.

When GAiN provides a wheelchair or Mobility Cart, it makes a positive impact in the lives of those with disability, impairment, or injury.

GAiN also has developed a training program that educates therapists and caregivers in the care of the disabled and in the selection and adjustment of a wheelchair to fit an individual.

Women’s Health


In Greek, luo means “released” or “set free.” In developing countries, women’s monthly menstrual cycles hinder them in multiple ways. Often they have no access to feminine hygiene products; therefore, they miss school and work each month. In addition, cultural stigmas result from this natural process. LuoPads help restore dignity and improve quality of life for women in places like Africa, and Central Asia.

Washable feminine pads help women in difficult places reclaim control of their lives and take charge of their health. LuoPads give our ministry partners the opportunity to meet a need that otherwise goes ignored.

Volunteers sew all the LuoPads shipped to women around the world. Visit the Volunteer page to learn how you can be involved in making LuoPads.

Critical Aid: LuoPads for Women's Health
Critical Aid: Women's Health

Midwife Kits

Many women in developing countries do not have access to hospitals or funds to pay medical staff. GAiN provides midwives with a special kit to assist with the birthing process. The kit also contains special items to help mom care for her new baby.

Education: School Supply CarePacks

Critical Aid: CarePacks

Education is key to reducing poverty. In developing countries, earning potential rises by an average of 10 percent for each year of schooling a child receives. In addition, with more education, victimization and vulnerability to HIV infection become less likely.

Unfortunately, in countries where poverty reigns, children miss out on a complete education because parents have no means to pay school fees or purchase school supplies. GAiN school supply kits, called CarePacks, consist of essential school supplies and a toothbrush.

When children receive CarePacks, their hope for a better future increases. Not only do these children have an opportunity to escape the cycle of poverty, but a career that makes a positive impact other lives could eventually be within their grasp.

Relieve Suffering.
Restore Dignity.
Reveal Hope.

Your gift provides essential items to people living in poverty and in need of care.