We accomplish our mission, in partnership with international Cru ministries, through food and agriculture, clean water, and critical aid. Our partners at Cru work in more than 190 countries in the world.

GAiN clean water projects express humanitarian kindness, which helps our partners gain access, build credibility, and increase effectiveness in the places they work.


Clean Water Projects

To address issues relating to lack of suitable water sources, GAiN aids communities by drilling new, deep clean water wells or repairing damaged wells. These projects include maintenance and repair training.

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Sanitation and Hygiene

In developing countries, many people lack understanding about the importance of good hygiene. GAiN helps strengthen communities by providing point-of-use water filters and teaching hygiene techniques.

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Did You Know?

Almost 1,000 children under the age of 5 die each day from diarrheal diseases strongly associated with unclean water, and poor sanitation and hygiene.

Improving drinking water quality would cut the number of cases of diarrhea nearly in half.

As many as 280,000 deaths per year from diarrheal diseases could be prevented with improved sanitation.

Lives Are Changed

In Guatemala, Belarmino and his family walked two miles, up to three times each day, to access water. Learn how GAiN provided a solution for his family.

Water is freedom for people living in Chad – one of the driest countries on earth. Watch the story of Maysa and how clean water brought her family new hope.

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Clean Water Wells

Water wells, or boreholes, drilled to a significant depth become a consistent source of clean water for rural areas where people otherwise collect water from rivers, streams, and even rain puddles. These water supplies, shared by animals and livestock, often contain feces and other contaminants.

A clean water well placed in a village creates cause for great celebration. Water-related illnesses decrease dramatically, and the time spent gathering water no longer takes the majority of each day. GAiN works with in-country partners to drill new clean water wells fitted with a hand pump.

Clean Water: Original Water Source
Clean Water Wells

Inoperable water wells often sit abandoned in communities because no one knows how to repair them. In these cases, GAiN provides necessary parts and trains local residents to repair and maintain wells. If they understand the mechanics and how to make repairs, many times an inexpensive part gets the well up and running again.

Hygiene and Sanitation

In communities where a water well is not feasible, GAiN distributes point-of-use water filters to households for filtering their water. One water filter serves 7 people for 7.5 years. Water filters remove 99 percent of contaminants from water and filter approximately five gallons of water in under 20 minutes.

Because many communities in developing countries lack sanitary latrines, 1 billion people worldwide practice open defecation. This ultimately affects drinking water obtained from streams, ponds, and puddles. Understanding the effects of unsanitary water helps people protect themselves from germs that produce life-threatening illnesses.

In conjunction with clean water initiatives, GAiN provides Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WaSH) training that teaches principles of hand washing, the importance of proper human waste disposal, and techniques of water treatment.

Clean Water, Hygiene Training

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Reveal Hope.

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