Help Families Plant Gardens With PlantHOPE Kits

Sometimes “simple” works wonders.

This is the case in Zimbabwe, where PlantHOPE Kits — complete with a simple bucket drip-irrigation system — are an answer to prayer for hungry children and families.

As with so many countries around the world, drought, failed crops, and malnutrition have claimed lives and crippled entire communities in Zimbabwe. But this is changing in some areas, thanks to amazing friends like you who so generously partner with Global Aid Network® (GAiN®), the humanitarian partner of Cru®.

Please partner with us today — and help rush PlantHOPE Kits to hungry and hurting families.

Each kit comes complete with:

  • An easy-to-install drip-irrigation system
  • Enough seeds to plant a garden
  • Agricultural training to ensure families have crops for months and years to come — with extra to sell at market
  • And bushels of hope!

2,500 PlantHOPE Kits are needed for families in Africa and Central America by June 30. Consider how YOU can make a difference in the lives of these families!

The good news is that it costs just $32 to provide a kit for a family in need through GAiN. And as the kits are given through our field partners, doors open to relationships where the eternal hope of Jesus is revealed to people who are spiritually hungry too.

Please give a generous gift today of $16, $32, $64 or whatever is right for you.

Any amount goes a long way to provide a steady source of food and income for families in need — like those in Odzi, Zimbabwe.

Seed Packs

PlantHOPE Kits Help Students Learn Farming Skills

The rural Odzi is made up of farming families who have struggled to survive due to the lack of reliable irrigation. But hope took root this past fall when our team in the area began working with local churches to plant a community garden at the village school.

Once the irrigation buckets were hung and the drip lines installed, students planted 2,000 vegetable seedlings in the garden — tomatoes, cabbage, greens, and more. Then they filled the buckets with water from a nearby well installed by GAiN field teams and watched in amazement as the water ran efficiently through the drip lines to their newly planted crops.

The garden will become a steady food source for these children and families. It is also being used as a “classroom” for students to learn agriculture techniques that will serve them well in the future. Itai, one of our field partners in Odzi says:

“This project is very helpful to the community. The garden will never run short of water.”

It turns out the garden is only the beginning. According to Itai, before aid was available to sustain people’s basic needs, it was difficult for local teams to share the eternal hope of Jesus in the community. But now doors are opening as people receive the kindness of Jesus shown by our team members.

The headmaster of the school is a perfect example. Throughout the project God worked in his heart, and he accepted the message of eternal hope. Now he has opened the school building as a meeting place for a new church, the first church in the area. And many people are turning to Jesus as a result.

What a wonderful illustration of how God is working through partners like you to relieve suffering, restore dignity, and reveal hope in some of the toughest places on earth.

PlantHOPE Kits Teach Students Farming Skills