Each 50 Cents Will Feed a Hungry Child

It’s pretty amazing when you can provide a meal packed with vitamins and protein for just 50 cents. You can be confident that your gift of any size will help at least one hungry, grateful child to survive and thrive!


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Each $500 will provide 1,000 meals! However you respond, you’ll be pleased to know that your generous gift will have a lasting impact that transforms whole communities. This happens by working with local churches that know and understand the people they serve. Their workers speak the language. They live the culture.

So many of those churches need our help to be the hands and feet of Christ. We have committed to send 300,000 meals right away. Your gift of any size will bring hope and help to refugees, as well as to victims of drought and other disasters around the world.


Read the story below to learn how feeding an orphan family affected a community.

Village Church Feeds Orphaned Siblings

Their mother died when he was just 12. Samuel, being the oldest, did all he could to scrape some crumbs together for the little family. It’s more than any little boy should have to bear.

When the church in Samuel’s village received meals provided by GAiN, they were inspired to do something wonderful for Christthey used the food to make sure Samuel and his siblings didn’t starve. And they helped other hungry families in the community, too.

Curious neighbors witnessed this surprising example of kindness. They learned that the church was carrying out God’s commandment to care for the poor and vulnerable. They were amazed!

Now that Samuel and his siblings have food and a connection to their church, they have returned to school. No more scrounging! No more insecurity. Imagine the burden lifted off the shoulders of a 12-year-old, knowing his siblings will not starve. They also have a church family that cares for them.

Churches that deliver meals to those in need become visible leaders in their communities. They bloom and grow because of the love they show. When more people love their neighbors, fewer widows and orphans suffer.