Help Meet the Most Urgent Requests from the Field

Jesus left us with a great mission. And to accomplish it, He told us that we would do even greater works than He did. Incredible, isn’t it?

Every time we give food to hungry orphans, water to thirsty villagers or blankets to young refugees we do it in Jesus’ name. Together we carry out His greater works — and share His love with people worldwide.

Today more people than ever are hungry, thirsty and displaced.

Your gift to the Maximum Impact Fund provides funding for areas where most urgently needed. This fund supports three key programs and gives the ministry the flexibility to respond quickly to critical needs. Ultimately, it allows more people to receive humanitarian aid and to experience the “greater works” of God in their own lives.

To meet the most urgent requests from the field, we are trusting the Lord to provide $1.6 million by January 10. Without this funding, we risk cancelling projects in countries where ministry depends on humanitarian assistance that helps open access to new geographic areas for church planting and ongoing ministry.

Give a gift today to support greater works around the globe!

“Jesus Has More Work for Me Here.”

A’isha, a Middle Eastern widow forced to flee her home, chooses to stay in the refugee camp where she lives. She has had multiple opportunities to leave but believes she was called by God to stay there and serve others like her.

Watch A’isha’s powerful story.

Food Crisis in South Sudan

Those in a camp for displaced people in South Sudan suffer from lack of basic necessities after losing much due to war in their country.

In this FRONTLINE Short, Al Goff, President and CEO of GAiN, offers a glimpse into their situation and shares how you can help GAiN to continue responding to the urgent needs of people in the camp and others like them. Al expresses his thanks for partners like you who help relieve people’s suffering, restore their dignity, and reveal the hope of Jesus.

He Chooses to Use You

Many of us here in the United States have plenty this Christmas. God has given us much and has called us to steward what He has given.

Watch as Al Goff shares an amazing truth about God’s promise of provision and how he uses people like you to play a part fulfilling His promise for people who do not have enough.