You Can Help Where Most Urgently Needed

Over the past year, you made it possible to serve more than 7.5 million people through the distribution of $14.4 million worth of humanitarian aid! Your partnership helps us to express the kindness of Jesus to one individual at a time — to relieve that person’s suffering, to restore their dignity, and to ultimately reveal the HOPE of Jesus to them.

What God is doing through your partnership is highly personal. That’s why your gifts really matter, because someone benefits.

Join us as we prepare to serve even more people in 2019.

The Maximum Impact Fund is significant because it provides funding for areas where most urgently needed. As situations change around the world, field teams need to respond to critical issues that surface due to war, increasing famine, and natural disaster. Essentially, it allows us to act when new opportunities arise!

The resources available through the Maximum Impact Fund will help us meet the growing capacity of the ministry and will ensure nimble, effective, and courageous response to new opportunities.

By giving today, you can make a difference — one life at a time.

Fakhir received food and hope.

A Thank You From Zambia

People find eternal hope in countries like Zambia when their physical and spiritual needs are met.

Lives are transformed when you give, volunteers pack aid, and aid is shipped to the toughest places on earth. When we each do our part, individuals’ suffering is relieved and their dignity is restored. When together we show kindness through humanitarian aid, people want to know why. At the right time, the eternal hope of Jesus is revealed.

Watch On Behalf of All Who Need Hope to see how we join together to renew hope for communities in Zambia.

Sharing Hope in Chad

Individuals in the extremely dry country of Chad suffer daily from a lack of access to water. The small amount of water they do find is often so unclean that outbreaks of water-transmitted diseases are common.

In this FRONTLINE Short, learn how GAiN is responding to the urgent need of clean water in Chad. Watch as Al Goff, CEO of GAiN, shares how meeting the need for fresh water is relieving people’s suffering, restoring their dignity, and revealing the hope of Jesus.

Kindness in Liberia

In Liberia, the suffering of individuals in hospitals, schools, and villages is being relieved. Because of the generosity of people like you, people are receiving the aid they need and they are grateful.

In this FRONTLINE Short, learn how GAiN is reaching out to determine exactly what type of aid is needed most. Watch as Scott Petersen from GAiN Field Strategies shares how the needs of people in Liberia are being met to relieve their suffering, restore their dignity, and reveal hope.