Each $1 for shipping
provides $10 in supplies!

Africa: Famine has left millions on the verge of starvation, despite recent rain in parts of East Africa.

Middle East: Refugees remain scattered and unable to work. Until they can return home, they need food, clean water, hygiene items, diapers, blankets, and other assistance.

Central Asia: In some poverty-stricken areas, one in four children are underweight. Where we send aid, less than 1 percent of people have had a meaningful opportunity to hear of the eternal hope of Jesus.

In response to these needs, Global Aid Network® (GAiN®) has $1 million worth of donated and discounted supplies standing by, ready to be shipped this summer to bless people in some of the toughest places on earth. Your gift is needed by JULY 31 to help assemble, ship, and deliver the cargo.

Your generous gift will provide supplies like:

  • Healthy food
  • Water filters
  • Medical supplies
  • Clothing
  • Seeds

Your gift of any size will deliver 10 times its value in lifesaving help and hope.

Widows, orphans, and schoolchildren still suffering from the severe hunger crisis in East Africa express their need for help — and you can rush lifesaving supplies to them.

You’ll also assist refugees across the Middle East — fathers and husbands not allowed to work, families who have little access to necessities.

And in Central Asia, the goods you send can open doors for sharing the eternal hope of Jesus in areas where doors previously have been closed.

Consider taking a moment now to help. Although you may never meet the people you serve, you are a true example to them of the kindness of Jesus.

Remember to give by July 31 to ensure supplies are delivered right away!

Prayer Answered in Rwanda

Bishop Naomi leads 16 churches in Rwanda. She had been praying for clothes for the Sunday school children because many have little more than rags to wear. Severe drought also left many children without enough food and with no access to clean water. Because caring people like you helped to ship food, water filters, and clothing, the church now has resources to provide for the children in the village!

In one of the areas hit hardest by drought in Rwanda, a local field staff member presented families in the community with okra and onion seeds. The families also learned how to plant and cultivate their crops. Each envelope of seeds yielded enough produce to help feed a family, plus provide a surplus which was sold for much-needed income!

Each $10 becomes $100 in lifesaving aid for orphans, refugees, famine victims, and others. Your gift of any size may be a family’s only chance to see the kindness of Jesus in action.