Just $40 provides a Refugee Hope Kit.

As we continue to face the huge refugee crisis, clearly the need is still extraordinary. But God is working. We hear story after story from our field partners of hope shining through, of overcoming evil with good, of hurting refugees experiencing the kindness of Jesus.

Assisting refugees is critical. The majority of them lost everything and struggle daily to survive. They need caring people to come alongside them, both physically and spiritually. That’s why your gift today will make a difference.

Just $40 will provide a Refugee Hope Kit filled with aid such as nutritious food, blankets, water filters, critical hygiene items and more — and helps create opportunities to share the hope of Jesus with refugees!

As you contemplate how you will help, consider an extra portion this month to meet the extraordinary need, to increase the number of people who receive critical supplies.

Because of the partnership of people like you, GAiN has been making a difference in 75+ countries for 25 years! Today, the need is as great as ever. Through your prayers and gifts, God is already working in incredible ways to relieve suffering, restore dignity, and reveal hope in refugee camps. Your gift today will help those still in need.

Just $40 Provides a Refugee Hope Kit

Shining a Light in the Darkness

A recent heartbreaking report from the BBC detailed horrifying conditions at a camp for refugees from the Middle East: “Children as young as 10 are attempting suicide … Appalling sanitary conditions … Deadly violence.

Teams from Global Aid Network® (GAiN®) have been to this very camp — and plan to continue serving refugees who enter camps for the first time. GAiN staff members affirm:

  • “It’s dark and full of despair.”
  • “The people are waiting for more than an hour to get water for their family.”
  • “[They] lack even a piece of bread.”

But a GAiN worker also shared the difference your prayers and gifts are making in this place:

“God is working in this camp if you look for it. We met new believers. We talked to men who don’t know Christ, but can no longer trust [their religion]. We answered questions about Jesus and the Trinity. It is a joy and a privilege to be a part of God’s work.”

There’s no doubt that a spiritual battle is raging in the midst of this refugee situation. But the truth is that, even in the darkest, most miserable places, hope is stronger — because the Lord is strong.

One 12-year-old boy, Mansour*, recently shared that no other groups had come to help them. He was touched by the supplies GAiN offered:

“I can’t express how grateful I am for your team visit which means a lot for us. We believe that the Lord is our Shepherd, so He is very eager to send peace advocates [to] represent Him like your team.”

Your gifts provide aid that serves as a reminder for people living in tough places that God cares about what they are going through.

*Name changed for security.

$40 Provides a Refugee Hope Kit