Each $40 Sends One Refugee Hope Kit

People who once had jobs, homes, and plans for the future crowd into tents and tiny rooms. All they yearn for now is a home and to be safe again.

Refugee Hope Kits already have made an impact in the lives of many.


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Each Refugee Hope Kit provides things like:

  • Lifesaving food.
  • A blanket.
  • A coat or other warm clothing.
  • A space heater.
  • Other critical aid.
  • Hope in Christ!

These supplies are requested by local churches and our workers on the ground who understand the individual needs of the refugees. On average, it costs just $40 to provide this lifesaving help for a family.

Recipients tell us that Christians are the only ones helping them. Your example of kindness will open hearts and minds to a new way of life. Many are responding the hope of Christ and sharing with others, even when it’s a terrible risk because of persecution.

This is a huge opportunity for you to support churches and Christians in the Middle East and introduce people to Christ as never before.

Supplies are running low. Please give toward at least one Refugee Hope Kit. Your gift can make an incredible and eternal difference for refugee families stranded without help in the Middle East and other tough places.

Read the story about Said* and how a simple orange turned back a child’s fear.

God Can Use Even a Single Orange

When GAiN partners delivered a Refugee Hope Kit of food and clothing to one family, their little boy Said fled when they entered the room. They learned the family barely escaped bombs that destroyed their home. For three days, the little boy stopped speaking or playing.

One of the staff members found the boy curled on a cushion, still traumatized. He presented an orange to the boy — and his demeanor changed dramatically. The child’s face radiated with a huge smile! Before leaving, the staff prayed with the family.

Two days later, the mother contacted them with the amazing news that Said wanted to talk to them!

“I want to color. I want to draw. I want to hear stories. I want to play,” he exclaimed with joy. “I want to go to school.”

God can use a simple gift like an orange, and especially a Refugee Hope Kit, to restore trust and provide hope to refugees who have lost so much!

*Name changed for security.

This precious little boy, pictured with his little brother, was lifted up from fear and grief!