How do we help one more person have a nutritious meal, access to clean water, or more importantly, the opportunity to hear about the eternal hope of Jesus?

The answer can be found in three underfunded Global Aid Network® (GAiN®) projects. To provide adequate funding for these projects, $1,114,000 is needed by December 31.

Would you consider giving to help support these underfunded projects today so ministry can continue unhindered?

These projects span the globe and meet the tangible needs of people in the toughest places:

Food and Agriculture Project: Nutritious meals help fill empty stomachs where food is scarce. People are also fed spiritually as they have the opportunity to hear the message of eternal hope. Help is needed to provide 1,747,440 meals for people in 11 countries by the end of January.

Critical Aid Project: Medical supplies, wheelchairs, and access to mobility and vision clinics will help relieve suffering for disaster victims, refugees, and the disabled. Humanitarian aid is needed to serve people in 15 countries, including supplies for three local hospitals focused on serving children.

Shipping Essential Relief Project: Shipments of water filters, hygiene supplies, and lifesaving aid are being prepared now. Items that have been donated or purchased at a deep discount need funding to reach their destination! Your help is needed to assemble, ship, and deliver essential relief — enough to help approximately 424,000 people over the next four months.

We have the unique opportunity to relieve suffering, restore dignity, and reveal hope through these special projects. Please send a generous gift today and help meet the $1,114,000 goal for underfunded projects before December 31.