Working Together for Positive Change

It’s likely that your organization’s mission is built on a set of values and desired outcomes. Each step toward accomplishing your goals reflects your vision. Your actions serve to achieve fiscal goals — and they empower you to reach your aspirations of giving back to society. What activities does your organization pursue that help to relieve the suffering of people around the world?

Partnership With GAiN Expands Your Social Reach

GAiN’s partnership with Cru international field staff members positions us to reach people across the globe. We accomplish this through the provision of humanitarian aid and activities focused on improving quality of life by restoring dignity and relieving suffering.

Your partnership with GAiN can foster positive change in individuals, families, and communities. Whether you have products to give, finances to share, or people willing to volunteer, together we can reach more people with help and hope.

“We at Herr’s are pleased to partner with GAiN. For many years, GAiN has faithfully helped people in need throughout the world by providing a wide range of human necessities; they deserve the support of anyone who wants to help others.”

J.M. Herr
Executive Chairman, Herr Foods Inc.
and former GAiN Board Member

Reaching More People With Humanitarian Aid

Food and Agriculture

Work with GAiN to provide meals, seeds, and drip irrigation kits for communities that need food most.

Clean Water

Clean water access is vital to health and even survival. Partner with GAiN to ensure communities have safe water.

Critical Aid

Basic medication and other critical items often are out of reach for impoverished people. With GAiN you can provide essential aid.

Maximum Impact Fund

In both typical and crisis situations, you can supply help for impoverished people and for the shipment of aid.

How Will You Address Humanitarian Needs?

GAiN offers multiple opportunities for organizations to engage in humanitarian projects. Contact us to discuss how we can work together for positive change worldwide.

Give Gifts in Kind

You can give product to manage your excess inventory and at the same time provide for people in need.


You can host a team-building event, such as packing food at your location, to serve the needs of hungry people.

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Give Financially

Your financial partnership ensures aid gets to people in need without delay. Give safely and securely on our site, or contact us to learn more.

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