Inspiring Passion for Global Ministry in Your Church

Jesus called the church to carry out the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. What does that look like in your church?

Ministry demands time, effort, and emotional investment. Reaching the hurting, afflicted, and suffering around the world is a God-sized task requiring many hands and solid partnerships. Engaging with a global partner who offers strategic church mission activities can help you fuel a desire within your church community to reveal hope to people living in the toughest places on earth.

Partnership With GAiN Expands Your Mission Opportunity

Our partnership with Cru positions us to reach people worldwide through the provision of humanitarian aid. Partnering with your church allows us to work together to fulfill God’s command to love the poor, the widows, and the orphans. It’s through this love that the church becomes God’s instrument for sharing His hope.

Together, let’s inspire a passion for global ministry in your church community by providing compelling opportunities.


“Jesus called the local church to help fulfill the Great Commission. However, the local church doesn’t carry the responsibility alone. They can be partners with like-minded organizations such as GAiN. That can accelerate the pace toward completing this monumental task.”

Steve Douglass
President Cru

Accomplishing the Mission Together

Food and Agriculture

Work with GAiN to provide meals, seeds, and drip irrigation kits for communities that need food most.

Clean Water

Clean water access is vital to health and even survival. Partner with GAiN to ensure communities have safe water.

Critical Aid

Basic medication and other critical items often are out of reach for impoverished people. With GAiN you can provide essential aid.

Maximum Impact Fund

In both typical and crisis situations, you can supply help for impoverished people and for the shipment of aid.

How Will You Reach the Toughest Places on Earth?

GAiN offers church communities multiple ministry activities that flow into one of the global ministry avenues presented in the previous section. Let us serve you by helping your leaders identify the most effective way your church community can carry out its portion of the Great Commandment. Contact us to learn more about our global ministry activities.

donate to GAiN

Donate financial resources toward the most urgent need or a program to which your church is called to take part.

Attend one of our family-friendly Mission Packing Projects at the GAiN Logistics Center in Pennsylvania.

Package seeds or meals at your location for shipping to impoverished places around the world.

Join a humanitarian outreach mission trip working with in-country partners to help distribute humanitarian aid.

Join a Trip

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