War in some areas may be subsiding, but refugees still need help.

The war in some Middle Eastern countries may be winding down, but the refugee crisis is FAR from over. Some might wonder, “Why don’t they just go home?” The painful reality is that very few have anything left to go back to.

Through Global Aid Network® (GAiN®), the humanitarian partner of Cru®, you can be a difference-maker. You can be the one that stands in the gap with refugees who long to return home.

Local field partners in eight countries asked GAiN for Refugee Hope Kits so that more than 18,060 refugees can receive critical supplies right away. And because of a generous matching fund, your gift by August 31 will be DOUBLED!

Each $40 Refugee Hope Kit is customized by local field partners to meet the needs of the refugees they serve.

Kits contain critical aid such as:

  • A 21-day supply of nutritious meals
  • Water filters (to avoid water-borne illnesses common in refugee camps)
  • Blankets (a soft place to lie all year and critical for warmth in winter months)
  • Hygiene items like soap, toothbrushes, and shampoo

By providing Refugee Hope Kits for just $40 each, you can express the kindness of Jesus to people living in the toughest places as aid is distributed through field partners. This critical aid gives local ministry leaders access to hard-to-reach areas while building credibility and increasing the effectiveness of their team strategy.

Remember, each $40 given to assist refugees before August 31 will ship and deliver TWO Refugee Hope Kits! You can be the difference-maker in the life of a refugee by relieving suffering, restoring dignity, and revealing hope!

Refugee Hope Kits

Now Is the Time to Reveal Hope

Worldwide, 60 million refugees struggling to survive. Refugees often live in “tent cities” that in total have a population equal to seven times larger than New York City.

Most refugees that GAiN works with come from countries that have been devastated by war and will take years to rebuild. For many refugees the time is still not right to return home.

A staff member spoke with Ammar*, a 41-year-old husband and father of three who was forced to flee his home in a Middle Eastern country nearly five years ago. When asked about returning home, he said:

“It is not easy for us to return back to [our home town], especially after we lost all that we have there. Unfortunately [the extremists] dug a tunnel inside my house. They destroyed doors, windows, and the entire fence of the house. I don’t have enough money to rebuild my house.”

Even those who were able to return to their home country still need help. These are the words of another Middle Eastern man shortly after he made the pain-staking journey back to his home town:

“You can’t even imagine how difficult [it is] to have no schools, no hospitals, no teachers, desperate children, orphans and the absence of a building reconstruction.”

 However, now is the time to reveal HOPE to refugees. Through humanitarian supplies like Refuge Hope Kits, God is using this time to bring countless people to Himself. Together we can seize the opportunity to bring the eternal hope of Jesus to refugees before they go home so that they are equipped to someday share this hope with others!

*Name changed for security.

Refugee Hope Kits