Just 13 Cents Provides a Meal
for a Hungry Child

You have an opportunity to help send 2.5 million meals to hungry people by Christmas! It’s an aggressive goal, but plans are underway to share the kindness of Jesus with people in 12 countries over the next 3 months.

Just 13 cents will provide one of the meals we plan to send!

That’s incredible when you consider how a meal can change a life and open the door to sharing the hope of Jesus with people who have never heard it before.

In one of these countries that cannot be named without endangering our field staff members and partners, nearly half the children under the age of five are severely malnourished. Many have died due to starvation.

Because of war, normal food imports have come to a complete halt. However, our humanitarian organization status allows us to provide food to be distributed by our field partners there.

Imagine the impact these meals will have on children and families who suffer in isolation. Your meals will save lives and show them the kindness of Jesus.

It may seem like we have plenty of time to carry out this massive undertaking, but we are in the final, most important weeks of implementation. We can’t wait until the last minute to provide this many meals by Christmas.

And most of these meals will be enjoyed by children. For just 13 cents you can provide a meal for a child. Together we’re going to make a difference in the lives of countless children and families!

Meals for School Children in Zimbabwe

As a teacher in Zimbabwe, Veronica witnessed children fainting daily from malnutrition, usually during the morning assembly. She shared her lunch with them, but soon there were too many children…

Watch Veronica’s story and how she cared for children in her school by providing meals.