Responding With Aid, Restoring Dignity, and Revealing Hope

We know you care about the people affected by Hurricane Florence. Millions of North and South Carolina residents remain in the dark after being ravaged first by the hurricane and then by the tropical storm.

“The flood waters are still raging across parts of our state — and the risk to life is rising with the angry waters . . . The water is rising fast. Everywhere. Even in places that don’t typically flood . . . [we are seeing] epic amounts of rainfall,” Gov. Roy Cooper of North Carolina said at a news conference. He continued, “The storm has never been more dangerous than it is right now. Wherever you live in North Carolina, be alert for sudden flooding.”

People’s lives were changed in moments, and Global Aid Network® (GAiN®), the humanitarian partner of Cru®, is responding. We invite you to partner with us to equip disaster relief teams now.

Sustaining Help for Those Displaced

GAiN team members are in places like Wilmington, North Carolina, where many local residences and community buildings have one to two feet of standing water. Teams are ready with trucks filled with disaster relief supplies. As initial damage assessments are complete, these teams will respond with supplies and the kindness of Jesus. Your gift will provide basic hygiene products, select food items, and water filters for hurricane and flood victims.

Rebuilding and Restoring

In a second phase of our work, GAiN will partner with local organizations, Cru’s campus ministry, and other Cru ministries. During this time of response, your gift will provide university student teams with disaster recovery supplies, coaching, and training to help families rebuild their lives once the water recedes. The students and hurricane victims can spend valuable time together, giving students an opening to share the love of Jesus while fulfilling an urgent and tangible need.

You Can Help Victims of Hurricane Florence

You have an opportunity to provide basic necessities that will help victims in the hurricane-ravaged area by first providing immediate aid for the displaced and then by helping them rebuild their lives. Because we deliver the aid with trained ministry teams, relationships are built, and at the proper time conversations about the eternal hope of Jesus can take place.

Consider a gift today to support the GAiN Emergency Relief initiative and meet people at their point of need with crucial supplies when emergencies hit.

Thank you for expressing the kindness of Jesus through humanitarian aid — many people will be helped because of your generosity.

A Practical Way to Minister

GAiN is serving people in flooded areas like Wilmington, North Carolina, where water utility representatives are warning residents to collect water in bathtubs and water jugs. Officials explained, “If we do not get the needed fuel within the next 48 hours, we will not be able to continue water service . . . our customers will be without drinking water.”

When responding to disasters, GAiN provides much-needed water filters, collapsible water containers, and generators to minister to people. These items will serve a family, school, or church through the duration of the emergency.