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GAiN in the News

GAiN by the Numbers

In fiscal year 2017, GAiN shipped supplies that served more than 6 million people in 25 countries. These supplies assisted our field partners in their strategy to share the kindness of Jesus. These containers provided

  • A 30-day supply of meals for 173,333 people
  • A supply of nutritious vegetables through seed packs for 4,860,960 people
  • Blankets for 7,353 people
  • Clothes for 158,333 people
  • School supplies for 44,545 school children
  • Shoes for 31,000 adults and children
  • Tents to shelter 1,050 people
  • Eyeglasses for 3,330 men, women, and children
  • 543 wheelchairs, which benefits individuals and their families
  • Access to medical supplies for 408,482 people

GAiN also provided water-related humanitarian aid through deep wells, household water filters, and hygiene training. In 2016 GAiN

  • Gave 13,500 people access to clean water through 9 new and 18 repaired wells
  • Provided filters that serve safe drinking water to 14,679

GAiN Photos

October 19, 2016: Praying over 33 pallets of food for Cuba
November 11, 2016: Midshipmen volunteer at GAiN on Veterans Day
October 19, 2016: Load of rice and bean meals for Cuba
October 19, 2016: Load of rice and bean meals for Cuba
November 11, 2016: Midshipmen sort clothes with GAiN President and CEO Al Goff
November 10, 2017: A new class of midshipmen volunteer at the GAiN Logistics Center
October 20, 2016: Loading pallets of rice and beans for shipment to Cuba
June 21, 2017: Young and old work together at the GAiN Mission Packing Project.

GAiN Videos

Seed packs provided by GAiN changed Rosemary’s life and community, not only by providing food but by introducing the hope of Christ.

You and your organization can partner with GAiN to provide seeds for people in need of a sustainable food supply.

Water is freedom for people in Chad – one of the driest countries on earth. Watch the story of Maysa and how clean water brought her family new hope.

Jesus understands the plight of refugees. He too was a refugee when His family fled their home and their country to escape violence.