You Can Help Rush Meals
and Hope to Africa

Famine is looming across the Horn of Africa. Families and communities face a hunger crisis due to sustained drought. Teetering on the brink of starvation, they are desperate for food now. And with your support, Global Aid Network® (GAiN®) is equipped to answer their cries for help and express the kindness of Jesus.

We’re trusting God to make it possible for us to send 1.8 million meals to 12 countries before Christmas. But we need your help to reach that goal to help save people from starvation.

Just 13 cents — that is all it takes to reach a hungry person with a nutrition-packed meal. So imagine all the good you can do — all the aching stomachs you can fill.

A generous gift today of $26 will provide 200 meals. $130 is enough for 1,000 meals. And an extra-generous gift of $520 will rush 4,000 meals for children and families. And with every meal given comes an opportunity to restore dignity and reveal the eternal hope of Jesus!

Your prayers and support are needed immediately to help send nutritious meals to 12 countries – including several in the Horn of Africa  and other tough places before Christmas. Please give a lifesaving gift today.

The Gift of Meals Helps Form a Church for Refugees!

Traumatized by war and living away from home, refugees in East Africa struggle to find food. Thanks to a recent shipment of GAiN meals, 980 refugee families, along with prison inmates, orphans, and university students, joyfully received nourishing meals made possible through the support of partners like you.

But they were not hungry for food alone. They were also starving for hope. As the meals were delivered, GAiN field partners had the opportunity to minister to many and introduce them to Jesus.

As a result, 235 people responded to the eternal hope of Jesus, 89 of them joined a discipleship group, and a church has been established for this refugee community. God worked in the worst of circumstances through people like you to meet immediate physical needs — and to give suffering people hope for eternity.