When you give critical aid like Midwife Kits, two lives can be spared!

Women are the bedrock of society in developing countries. They raise children, teach them hygiene, prepare food, and connect with other families in the community. Yet their lives are often at risk due to lack of basic supplies and knowledge.

These deaths are totally preventable.

Because we seek to improve community health, Global Aid Network® (GAiN®) serves women by providing critically needed supplies in some of the toughest places on earth. In addition training is offered in hygiene and childbirth so important knowledge is shared among entire families.

When you give to provide critical aid, you make essentials available like:

  • Midwife Kits that can literally save the life of mother and child
  • Hygiene supplies to help prevent disease
  • Mosquito nets to help prevent malaria
  • Prenatal vitamins so babies get vital nutrients needed for healthy development
  • Relationships with local field partners who share the hope of Jesus
  • Three-day health clinics where women receive life-changing training

Please consider how you can make a difference today through your generous gift. Every contribution matters and will bring life-saving truth to countless people in the toughest places on earth!

Read how the gift of a Midwife Kit made a difference to a young woman in Zimbabwe.

A Simple Kit of Supplies Keeps a Mom and Baby Safe

Because we seek to improve the generational health of communities, Global Aid Network® (GAiN®) serves women by providing critically needed supplies in some of the toughest places on earth. In addition to providing essential supplies, GAiN staff members provide information about sanitation and emergencies in childbirth thus reaching entire families.

 In Zimbabwe, even in the most rural areas, women are expected to give birth in a hospital. However, they are responsible for bringing their own supplies necessary for the experience. Without appropriate items available, the life of a mom and a baby can be put at risk because of potentially unsanitary practices that can cause infections.

Fadziso*, a young woman who was nearing the end of her pregnancy, told one of our staff members how thankful she was when we gave her a Midwife Kit. She had saved money to purchase what she needed for the birth of her child, but she had to use that money to purchase food for her family.

Because generous people like you made it possible for her to have a Midwife Kit, she had supplies to help facilitate a healthy delivery. This simple provision made a significant difference for her and her baby.

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*Name changed for security reasons.