Every $1 Ships $10 of Lifesaving Supplies

You can help us save lives and share the kindness of Jesus with people in incredibly challenging territories — including a newly accessible war zone experiencing what the United Nations calls “the worst humanitarian crisis of the century.”

We cannot share the name of the nation as that could endanger our partners working there. But we can tell you that violent conflict is raging. Three million refugees have fled. 85,000 children have died of severe acute malnutrition within just three years.

It took TWO YEARS to get access to this place — 24 months while people have been waiting, hoping, praying for help. Global Aid Network® (GAiN®) is the very first Christian organization to receive permission to ship aid into this country. We have partners on the ground ready to distribute the aid and ensure it gets to people in need.


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Right now 10 HUGE shipping containers of food, blankets, water filters, and other critical necessities — enough to help approximately 265,000 suffering people — are available and ready to go into this newly accessible nation and other tough places.

Because the aid has all been donated or purchased at significant discounts, every $1 you give today will multiply to ship and deliver $10 worth of lifesaving aid to suffering people.

But all this help does no good unless we have the funds to ship it where it is needed most within the next three months. Our local staff members are already on the ground, poised to distribute and share the eternal hope of Jesus! All that is lacking are the funds to ship the aid.

After two years of red tape, the doors to reach into a war zone are newly open! Every $1 you give delivers $10 worth of aid to a hungry child, a struggling refugee, a hurting soul. The next three months are critical.

You can literally help save their lives, and you can help them know hope for eternity.


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