Your gift provides 10X the lifesaving critical aid.

Through generous friends like you, water filters recently arrived in Zambia to turn the tide of cholera in a village.

A school received food for 1,250 orphans and vulnerable children. They had been waiting for quite some time.

As many as 25,600 people were blessed with food and other items. And the local team reported that when they shared the eternal hope of Jesus, 100 people responded to that hope!

Many still suffer around the world. To express the kindness of Jesus, Global Aid Network® (GAiN®) has acquired an additional $5.67 million in aid for 21 countries, including Zambia. Many of these supplies are donated. We only need the funds to prepare, ship, and deliver the goods.

 Your gift of any size will provide 10 TIMES its value in lifesaving supplies.


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We’ve committed to get the first container under way by early fall. Anything you send right away will have the impact of a gift 10 TIMES that amount! You can leverage your generous giving to:

  • Show the kindness of Jesus to hungry children who are malnourished from eating just one small meal a day. Each $100 will provide $1,000 worth of food and other aid to orphanages, schools, and families.
  • Prevent and treat sickness. Your gift of $300 will provide $3,000 worth of things like water filters to halt diseases like cholera, medicines for clinics, wheelchairs, and more.
  • Break the cycle of poverty. Your gift will be multiplied 10 times to provide school supplies for children, seeds to launch community gardens, and other items to give people long-term hope and opportunity.

This essential aid will relieve suffering, restore dignity, and reveal hope in the toughest places on earth. God sees each of these specific needs, and today He invites you to respond.

Since GAiN first began 25 years ago, we have leveraged strategic global partnerships to relieve suffering through humanitarian aid in more than 75 countries. GAiN serves people around the world as part of Cru®’s diverse, 190-country network. And now each $10 you give today will do the work of $100 to help even more people.


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Thank You for Stealing My Saturday

Volunteers arrive routinely at the GAiN Logistics Center to prepare humanitarian supplies for shipment to people living in tough places around the world. One volunteer wrote about her experience:

I have a confession. Initially, the thought of giving up an entire Saturday to do volunteer work sounded like a bad idea. As a business owner, Saturdays are often when I catch up on work, uninterrupted. But I had a tugging on my heart to learn more about why my daughter-in-law, who works at GAiN, was so passionate about her job. What to do? I decided to set aside my selfishness and make the 1-hour drive to Mount Joy, PA.

I arrived early and was greeted by other friendly volunteers waiting for entrance into the large warehouse. I later learned I was one of around 500 volunteers that day and one of about 3,500 volunteers for the week. [Once inside] there were stations for creating school supply kits, sorting clothes, assembling meal packages, and making women’s hygiene kits.

Throughout the 8-hour day, everyone worked hard to sort, create items, assemble kits, and more. There was something to do for just about any age or skill level. Kids as young as 5 and adults as old as 101 were there. I even saw people with canes and disabilities. I was told that the day before, there were several volunteers in wheelchairs helping too. The day was well organized from start to finish. Each volunteer could leave feeling it was a great day!

I was thankful I went today! While my business work is always there for me to do, it was good to set it aside and be a part of something larger than myself, larger than my business. Today I worked with others to help fulfill GAiN’s mission to RELIEVE SUFFERING, RESTORE DIGNITY, AND REVEAL HOPE. Yes, I believe GAiN has stolen my heart and a few Saturdays during their volunteer weeks. Perhaps they may steal one of yours too?

Over the course of five days, volunteers packed enough supplies to help more than 193,000 people! Your gift can help ensure these supplies reach their destination.