Your $1 becomes $10 and shares the eternal hope of Jesus.

Today you can be the sower Jesus described in the fourth chapter of Mark — the one who scatters seeds that soon produce an abundant harvest night and day, even while you sleep!

Here’s how:  Every $10 you give will assemble, ship, and distribute $100 worth of lifesaving supplies AND provide an opportunity to share eternal hope.

You see, Global Aid Network® (GAiN®) has collected enough humanitarian aid to fill 10 huge containers this quarter — enough to relieve suffering and reveal hope for thousands of drought victims, hungry children, and refugees across Africa and the Middle East.

All we need are the funds to put these supplies into the hands of people who need them.


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It is amazing to think that your gift today will assemble, ship, and distribute 10 TIMES its value in lifesaving help . . . and THEN the effect of your gift will be multiplied even more when new disciples make other disciples.

Most of the supplies have been donated or purchased at deep discounts. They are standing by, waiting to be shipped. We also partner with churches and leaders who live in the recipient countries and know the needs of the people, so nothing goes to waste.

You can be confident that each $10 you give not only will send $100 in lifesaving help, but also share the hope of Jesus too.

You are an essential member of our efficient and effective team! So many are searching for hope. What’s needed to reach them are your prayers and support as God may lead.

The first huge containers are ready to go. We just need your help to ship them and keep them on schedule. Each one is like a survival kit and care package for up to 25,600 drought victims, hungry school children, and refugees! Please consider what you might give today.

Read about Omar* a refugee father who struggled to provide for his family.

Your Gift Multiplies 10X

Kindness Touches the Heart
of an Exhausted Refugee Father

Millions of people have fled for their lives in dozens of countries due to violence, terror, and civil war. Distressingly, more than half are children. In some places where GAiN® works, people take advantage of these refugees.

Our local staff members encountered one Middle Eastern family who paid $300 for a single, small room where sewage backed up regularly. Another paid top dollar for a crawl space where they had to stoop to move around.

When one of our staff members met Omar, he learned that this husband and father spent his days away from home, beginning early morning until late at night, looking for odd jobs to feed and shelter his wife and children. He was so grateful when our staff member visited with a supply of food, plus blankets for staying warm through the cold winter. When visited a second time, Omar was amazed.

“Why are you doing this?” he asked.

Our staff member told Omar about Jesus and His commandment to love others. After facing so much hostility and hard-heartedness, this touched the exhausted father’s heart. He made a decision to accept the hope Jesus gives! Now his family continues eagerly to learn more about Jesus.

Meeting people at their point of need through humanitarian supplies shares the love of Jesus, and as a result lives are changed for eternity!

*Name changed for security purposes

Your Gift Multiplies 10X