Each $40 Refugee Hope Kit Offers Relief
During Cold Months

Hungry, homeless refugees in the Middle East and nearby countries soon face the misery and cold of winter. You can help save lives AND point these hurting people to Jesus.

Many like you have done so much to care for those who hurt, but much of the world has turned away because of dwindling media attention. However, millions of refugees continue to live without enough food, blankets, shelter, and other basic necessities. To make matters worse, in many areas rain and cold temperatures will hit hard soon.

Will you help refugees who are suffering today and restore their dignity in the process? It takes $40 to give a Refugee Hope Kit filled with lifesaving essentials that bless people fleeing tragic circumstances.

Refugee Hope Kits — packed with things like blankets, hygiene items, water filters, and food for one refugee for 21 days — save lives and offer hope in the turmoil. And they help open hearts to Jesus.

GAiN® staff members evaluated the areas of greatest need, but resources are needed to offer more Refugee Hope Kits. Will you support this effort to reach people with help and hope in some of the toughest places on earth? Each $40 gift will let people know they have not been forgotten.

God has placed GAiN in this hard-to-reach region for such a time as this. People who have never even heard of Jesus are taking note that only Christians are treating them with love. They are opening their hearts to Jesus’ love.

Your gift today will help refugees who have never before had a chance to experience the love of Jesus in a tangible way.

Give Refugee Hope Kits