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“God-forsaken.” This is what some people call the places where GAiN® works. These places have no roads, no electricity, and the people experience war. These are places other agencies won’t dare go. But do you know what? There is no such thing as a God-forsaken place. God constantly works to draw people to Himself.

Today, you can take a stand and show the world that God does not forsake anyone. You can do it by praying and giving as God leads to bring joy to some of the toughest places on earth.

Due to an incredible matching gift, the impact of every dollar you give to the GAiN Maximum Impact Fund will be DOUBLED instantly up to $300,000! That means if you give $100 today to meet the most urgent needs, it will double to $200 — that’s like a 100 percent return on your investment in changed lives!

Because of people like you, this past year we touched the lives of 6 million people around the globe. Next year we will touch even more. Your participation now prevents us from turning away any of the urgent requests we’ve received from 30 countries.

Your partnership today will go TWICE as far to bring JOY to the toughest places on earth. To qualify for the match and receive a 2017 tax receipt, please be sure to give by December 31.

Read a quote from a staff member in South Sudan. He tells what humanitarian supplies can do for a person besides caring for their physical need.

Love Brings Joy in South Sudan

Jabir*, a local staff member, had no choice but to evacuate South Sudan when rebel fighters invaded his home. His wife passed away suddenly just after reaching safety, leaving him to raise six children.

In Jabir’s country, wars drove farmers from their fields resulting in more than a million children facing starvation. It’s rough. But according to Jabir, assistance like food from GAiN makes all the difference:

“What brings joy is hope. When you come alongside somebody who is suffering … to show true love, that automatically makes joy. Especially having hope in the Lord Jesus. It doesn’t mean that what we are doing with them can take away all their suffering or their fear. But just that the hope we share with them and seeing the love we show them, it makes them rejoice.

“Reaching them with rice and beans, giving them that — you can see somebody taking the food in their hand and they lack words to speak. They will take the food and just look at you, direct in the eye, without saying a word. You feel what is really inside the heart of this person, what he’s going through.”

This is the power of expressing the kindness of Jesus to people in need — your kindness offers them hope and joy!

*Name changed for security purposes.


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Love brings joy in South Sudan