Each $40 provides one Refugee Hope Kit to save lives and share the hope of Christ.

As temperatures drop, let’s remember to thank God for His provision, knowing so many depend on Global Aid Network® (GAIN®) for food, warmth, and lifesaving help.

The news reports show the kind of people we are helping — victims of war and violence. One young woman begged, “We are human, please help us!”

Now winter is coming, and it’s going to be a battle to survive.

Each $40 will provide a Hope Kit to one refugee, each one packed with lifesaving aid like food, safe water, hygiene items, and clothes. We assess the needs of the people you help, so nothing goes to waste. And we also share the hope of Christ at every opportunity. We know that a fresh start with Him can make all the difference!

You can help get Refugee Hope Kits on their way by giving today.