Our partner in South Sudan shares heartfelt thanks for supplies sent to his people. South Sudan is one of several countries served with famine relief.

Largest Food Crisis in 70 Years
Puts 20 Million at Risk

Al Goff, President and CEO of Global Aid Network® (GAiN®), just returned from South Sudan where he was evaluating the situation to determine exactly how the ministry would respond.


“The situation is dire. There is massive famine!!! Even the people in IDP [Internally Displaced People] camps are eating grass in order to put food in the bellies of their children. There is severe malnutrition and hyperinflation. 

People are desperate. An armed conflict between rival tribes has caused farmers to flee their farms over the past year, creating this famine. The same thing is happening in three nearby countries where GAiN works. I haven’t seen anything like this kind of suffering in decades!


These words are shocking to read. The news media is not giving the disaster enough attention. But you and I cannot ignore what is happening.

Here are the facts: The world is facing one of the largest food crises in 70 years, with 20 million people in four countries at risk of famine. According to the United Nations, an additional 10 million will be threatened by famine if no action is taken.

GAiN is ready to act by sending nine huge containers filled with food, water filters, and medical supplies into these countries in Jesus’ name. To ship and deliver the first wave of relief, $189,000 is needed by August 15. We need YOUR help to meet this goal!

Will you consider giving your best gift today? People are counting on us with every day that passes. Thank you for your help with this urgent request!

Your most generous gift today will help send critical aid to thousands of people suffering from famine — and pave the way for them to hear of Christ’s love.

Famine: Relieving Suffering in Africa

Get a glimpse of life in a camp for displaced people in South Sudan as Al Goff, GAiN President and CEO, explains the situation people face and how you can help relieve the suffering of those affected by famine.